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We create convenient websites that make profits.

Today, it is easy to create a website at an adequate price. It’s hard to make it sellable. We know that a convenient modern website converts visitors into buyers. Therefore, we think through the design, logic and architecture, taking into account your commercial goals.

Websites for any business goals

Do you want to receive clients from the Internet? You know how to think over placing of blocks and can fill the website with selling texts? Install all scripts and create a stylish design instead of a dull standard template? It is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Only a team of professionals can think through all the nuances and make a “perfection” out of the usual template site that will sell your products and services.

We develop user-friendly and beautiful websites with proper internal SEO-optimization and design so that your customers feel comfortable using them. It shortens the path to target action and boosts conversions. And this is precisely the ultimate goal of developing a turnkey website.

What websites we create

Website development from the LuxSite team offers solutions for businesses of various sizes.

Business card website

The business card contains contacts, address, activity, list of goods or services, etc. It does not consist of huge catalogs, does not contain long articles, but this does not mean that this data will not be enough for the user. Creation of a business card website with a unique design and high-quality content takes into account the specifics of your business niche and the goals of the company.

Landing pages

Traffic from contextual and/or targeted advertising comes to the landing pages. All information is placed on one page. The user enters a landing page, looks at a “delicious” presentation and performs a targeted action. You can order a landing page  and other cities of Ukraine – we will develop a beautiful design and fill it with selling content, so you get even more leads.

Corporate websites

Order a corporate website for a penny, or do it yourself negligently – that’s your business. But today the corporate website should not just be good. It must be very good. It is the first thing that your potential customers see. The company’s website is worth investing money and efforts into the project. But it will contain a maximum of information: projects, articles, blog, customer reviews, partners, contacts and much more. Everything to attract new customers and make them fall in love with your company.

Online stores

Convenient navigation, high-quality content, stylish design – all these help to sell. Online stores “with greetings from the 90s” will die. Modern functional websites take into account everything: download speed, adaptability for mobile, search engine optimization, the proper architecture. They are synchronized with accounting programs, payment systems, with their help, it’s possible to conduct statistics of attendance and sales. Today, to ensure good sales, you need to order an online store from professionals.

Portals and web applications

These are complex high-load projects, as a rule, with high attendance. News, entertainment, city portals, CRM-systems or educational platforms – all of these sites contain a huge amount of information. Our development team will create websites with the most complex architecture, modern admin panel, provide post-release support and maintenance.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The share of mobile sales increases every year. Mobile applications can be another competitive advantage of your business. We create mobile applications with an intuitive interface, beautiful design, take into account all the functionality of mobile platforms, usability, conduct tests at all stages of development and various gadgets. Use mobile for additional sales.

How is website development work carried out?

At each stage, LuxSite managers actively communicate with the customer – this is a guarantee that programmers will take into account and implement all the nuances of the future project.

Formation of technical task

Before starting website development , we study your business, specifics, features, goals. We form the technical task – structure, architecture, functionality. We determine the number of necessary resources and hours of specialist’s work, set clear deadlines.

Website design development

We work out the interface elements, so the website is clear and user-friendly.


Our experts can implement any type of layout. But today the most successful is adaptive layout. Thanks to it, your website will be convenient for desktops users and for users of mobile gadgets.


We use modern technologies to implement websites of any complexity:

  • The key tool — PHP Symfony Framework but the development is possible on other frameworks, as well as pure js, jquery, html, css.

  • Our team has specialists who work on React, as well as and Node.js.

  • In CMS we work with all modern PHP engines. The portfolio has online stores on Opencart at an affordable price, WordPress websites, projects on Magento and Drupal.

  • We are engaged in the integration of payment systems, CRM, mailings and other modules relevant for business.

  • Mobile development – Java, Swift.

Content filling

SEO specialists, copywriters and content managers will create relevant content, fill the website with information, taking into account the internal optimization of the site.

Comprehensive digital marketing

Marketers, PPC, and SEO-specialists will be engaged in a comprehensive promotion of your new site, so you get the maximum clients’ applications.

Technical support

Web development is just the beginning. We will provide further technical support and help you to choose the right hosting company.

Website cost – how much is website development from LuxSite

Landing page (design + layout)*from 500 usdfrom 7 days
Business card website on Wordpress (template)from 800 usdfrom 12 days
Business card website on Wordpress (unique)from 1200 usdfrom 16 days
Corporate website on Wordpress (template)from 1700 usdfrom 18 days
Corporate website on Wordpress (unique)from 2000 usdfrom 25 days
Online store on OpenCart (template)from 2300 usdfrom 30 days
Online store on OpenCart (unique) from 3100 usdfrom 45 days
Online store on Magento (template)from 2800 usdfrom 40 days
Online store on Magento (unique)from 3900 usdfrom 50 days
Custom development using PHP Symfony or Node.js **from 5200 usdfrom 2х months

We use CMS and frameworks

One of the most popular and versatile СMS. WordPress can be used for any simple Internet projects.

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OpenCart is suitable for creating small and medium-size online stores, to start in e-commerce. OpenCart is the speed of work, simplicity and accessibility of usage.
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Use Magento to create complex and large online stores.

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Use Symphony to develop complex projects of any direction, when the capabilities of specialized platforms are exhausted, and if you have experience with simpler systems.
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Use ASP.NET MVC for rapid development of websites that require high speed, complex and non-standard forms of content management, flexible routing of URLs and unlimited development possibilities.

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75% of the market are mobile devices

More than 70% of Internet users use mobile gadgets. Therefore, the adaptation of your website to mobile devices is crucial from a commercial point of view. The digital agency LuxSite develops websites of full complex, already with an adaptive layout.

Adaptive layout allows increasing the loyalty of search engines to the website and speeds up the process of its promotion.

What is adaptive layout?

Adaptive layout is an approach that involves changing the design depending on user behavior, screen size and platform. In other words, the page should automatically adapt to every device. It allows avoiding the need to create a design for each new device and reduces the cost of the site development process.

The principle of the adaptive layout is that the website dynamically (in real time) adjusts to the size of your device, and if the display size suddenly expands or narrows, then the website will respond to it immediately, without reloads and delays.

Mobile application development

A mobile application is another competitive advantage of your business. We will create a mobile application that will be valuable, useful and convenient for your customers. It will allow you to increase the number of orders and increase sales from mobile.

We create mobile applications for iOS and Android. We develop both native and cross-platform applications. Before creating an application for Android or iOS, we will analyze what tasks your business should solve: what goals you want to achieve and what your clients should get – and only after that, we will start to create the concept.

The development of mobile applications involves several steps:

  • development of concept;
  • interface creation;
  • prototyping;
  • development of functionality;
  • testing and installing of analytics;
  • publishing in Google Play and the App Store.

The development of mobile applications  from the LuxSite team means any level of complexity, a unique, intuitive UX/UI design and quick terms of work.

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