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Marketing audit

Any serious marketing actions for any company should begin with a marketing audit. Unfortunately, in practice, most small and medium-sized businesses neglect this. But they shouldn’t! The attempts to launch advertising on their own, primitive design, website, made negligently by the principle “it’s ok this way”, very vague ideas about their target audience and their USP – this is not a complete list of the reasons why a business is marking time or falling into a crisis. Attempts to save money on strategic tactics always turn into additional costs and problems.

Therefore, we suggest using the help of professional marketers. We will identify weaknesses, define growth zones and tell you where to go next.

Competent assessment of the external and internal marketing processes of your business will increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and increase sales. We will immerse deeply into your business, identify all weaknesses and give specific recommendations for strengthening all positions.

What will the marketing audit provide to you?

You will receive a complete list of weak spots and mistakes in marketing activities and advertising campaigns. You will understand how to optimize marketing processes to increase sales, and see growth opportunities.

Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting  from LuxSite specialists are specific recommendations on the use of advertising channels, marketing tools, strategic planning. After analyzing the business niche, target audience and competitive advantage, we will draw up a strategy for “correction of mistakes” in positioning and implementing your marketing strategy. We will fix the weaknesses because of which you are losing money. You do not need to keep a marketer and pay a high salary. You can order the consultations of our specialists on an hourly basis to help with solving problems or planning.

Comprehensive marketing

LuxSite will take care of all strategic and operational processes of internet marketing. We will build an effective online marketing system from scratch or complement a model that already works in your company.

You will receive a full-fledged marketing department with experienced specialists, who will stimulate sales and develop the brand on the Internet.

What are we doing

  • Marketing analysis and consulting

  • Marketing strategy development

  • Selection of promotion channels

  • Optimization of marketing processes within the client’s company

  • KPI system development

Why do you need to be engaged in comprehensive online marketing today?

The market imposes its own rules of the game. Want to win – you need a systems approach. Here are the situations in which you need comprehensive marketing:

  • you do not have a strategy for the development of your brand on the Internet;

  • your presence on the Internet doesn’t convert into client orders, and competitors surpass you;

  • you use only one of the many promotion tools, losing customers that you can get through a comprehensive approach;

  • due to a large number of contractors for different marketing channels, the overall marketing strategy of promotion suffers;

  • you want to optimize the cost of Internet marketing and get a real result, instead of unclear terms and numbers in the reports;

  • you want to work with a contractor who has well-established processes and communication.

What does comprehensive digital marketing include?

This is the work across all channels and directions to attract new customers. You get full marketing support, in fact, your own team of specialists in different directions. The package of comprehensive digital marketing includes:

  • services of the marketer (audit of directions, analysis of competitors and target audience, work on the USP and positioning, recommendations on digital marketing, selection of marketing tools, development of promotions, preparation of advertising slogans, etc.);

  • search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing (SEM);

  • PPC and targeting;

  • content marketing and SMM;

  • email marketing;

  • PR and SERM – reputation management;

  • usability improvement;

  • audit and consulting.

Why is comprehensive digital marketing so cool

Systems approach

A comprehensive systems approach takes into account short- and long-term business goals, uses all the tools and channels to get targeted applications.

Unified strategy

We develop a marketing plan and implement it step-by-step — not blindly, but with clear micro and macro objectives.


Systems online marketing takes into account seasonality, changes in demand, trends and many other factors. It makes possible to adjust the combination of different promotional tools according to changes in the current marketing strategy of the company.


Ordering a package of comprehensive promotion in one company and getting a guaranteed result is much more profitable than paying for each service separately to different contractors.

We will develop an individual comprehensive marketing package for your goals and objectives.

Let’s get acquainted! Do you have a project? We will offer ideas on how to effectively develop it on the Internet.

Do you need quality internet marketing?
We will help both partly and with the conduction of the project on a turnkey basis.


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